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Karey Nickel

Karey NickelKarey holds a Master of Arts degree in Piano, with a Summa Cum Laude honor, from Pensacola Christian Collee in Pensacola, Florida. While at college, he studied under the direction of prolific concert pianist, Daisy De Lucca Jaffe, who traces her special technique and approach directly to famed composer and performer Franz Liszt. Karey also was a featured vocal soloist on the college’s national TV broadcast and played lead roles in major Shakespeare and Gilbert and Sullivan productions. After college, Karey spent a decade touring the country as a concert artist, writing and recording music for multiple CD solo and duet projects and leading worship at large conferences. Since coming to Fresno in 2005, he has been on the music staff at a couple mega churches in town and played Harold Hill in a production of The Music Man at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater. Recently, Karey was a featured pianist at the Fresno International Airport for their Featured Artist program, entertaining travelers from all over the world as they flew in and out of Fresno.

A Note From the Teacher:

I began singing and playing the piano at age 5. Music has been an integral part of my existence and has been used as an expression of my soul and spirit at every stage and struggle of my life. As I approach each new student, my goal is to inspire in them that same deep love of music in general and the piano in particular. This kind of inspiration is more caught than taught. My strong disciplined background has given me the mindset and tools to pass on to students to help them achieve what they thought was previously impossible. Each student is different and factors such as stage of life (I have some students in their 60s and some that are age 4) and personal goals are always factored in. Learning a new instrument is an incredible way to learn and apply important life principles, such as patience and kindness with yourself, the discipline of daily practice and how much progress can be made when you know HOW to practice, and how excellence is found in the details. You will find in me a patient teacher, but one who holds the bar high. My goal is to get you the results you want, and sometimes that involves gently pushing you beyond your comfort zone. I look forward to meeting you and investing in your life!

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