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Montse GillMontse Gil is a recent graduate from Fresno Pacific University, where she received a B.A. in Psychology with cum laude and is currently applying to doctorate programs here in Fresno for Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in young children or children at risk. Throughout her high school and college career Montse gained extensive experience working with young children, in both classroom settings from k-6th grade, as well as in clinical/hospital settings. She has a certificate in child development and has more recently sparked more interest working with special needs students. She has participated in private lessons since the age of five and started taking active roles in school bands, such as marching band, jazz band, symphonic band, and orchestra during grade school, playing the alto saxophone for six years and the cello for two. Music continues to play a huge role in Montse’s life both through teaching and continuing her own musical education, and will always be one of her many passions. 

A Note from Montse:

Based on my education, I know that every child learns and develops differently, and that young children engage more readily and enjoy themselves more when they are doing something that sparks their imagination and creativity. With this in mind I have incorporated various learning techniques into my lessons including theory and ear training, as well as various games I have created that can help your child experience piano and musical concepts in a much easier and fun manner. In addition, children thrive with positive reinforcement, so I have created a point system, that with good attitude and hard work your child can win prizes in class and make the most of their lessons at home as well. I strongly believe that by doing all this in conjunction, your child will have a better opportunity at becoming a more well-rounded musician and performer, all the while having a blast. Not to mention, I’ve learned over the years that children will enjoy playing and learning a lot more if they are given music they already like, so along with a book series I have chosen for lessons, I offer fun and popular sheet music that your child will recognize and have a good time playing. I truly have a heart and passion for working with young children, even more so ages of 4-7 and it is not only my desire to positively impact your child with music, but to also create a safe and fun place for your child to enjoy music and all it has to offer.

Parent Reviews

“Montse is a very patient, skilled and professional instructor. Our 5-year-old son loves working with her and his love for the art of the piano grows by every lesson. We are very grateful to have chosen for Phil to learn piano here with her.” Mitchell Family

“Our experience with Montse has been outstanding. She is very encouraging and is detailed in her instruction. Montse is providing our 5-year-old son with a solid base in piano and we could not as for a more dedicated piano instructor.” Plummer Family

“Our son began his musical journey as 5 years old with Ms. Montse Gil and has been studying with her for almost a year now. She brings an energy and passion about music and learning that has engulfed our son. He is excited and enthusiastic about every lesson and learning something new. She is experienced and has an understanding of children and their needs and challenges them to embrace the next level in each class with confidence. I highly recommend her. She is a wonderful instructor that is highly skilled and encourages her students with patience and compassion, in a caring and warm environment". Francis Family

“Montse is a fabulous piano instructor for our family. She is extremely patient and works very well with all ages. She meets individual challenges with creativity and grace. Montse knows how to balance instruction with fun. Our children feel encouraged and empowered through the piano lessons they receive with Montse. She is highly recommended.” England Family

“We have really enjoyed lessons with Montse. She made our daughter feel comfortable right away and she looks forward to her lesson each week!” Haydock Family

“Montse has been an amazing instructor at Steinway Piano Gallery. She has not only demonstrated to have the knowledge and enthusiasm to teach the skills and art of piano but her patience has been a gift to our child. Having a little one with ADHD we were hesitant to try piano lessons but it’s definitely been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our son looks forward to his weekly lessons and we are happy he found something that makes him feel confident!” Diaz-Alvarado Family

“My 6- year- old daughter began piano lessons with Montse a couple of months ago and she loves it! She went from not knowing how to play the piano at all to being able to play a couple of simple songs in a short amount of time. Montse is great with kids, she always has fun stickers and prizes for motivation. I would definitely recommend Montse as a piano teacher!” Henderson Family

“My daughter just started piano lessons 2 months ago and loves it. Her interest in study of music has improved tremendously and often says her teacher Montse is very nice and patient. She already learned how to play Silent Night which she will be playing at the Christmas Piano recital. Thanks to Montse and Steinway!" Ramos Family

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