Today’s Steinway: We still make them like we used to...


The soundboard

Through improvements in soundboard materials, design and craftsmanship, new Steinways boast improved sustain, warmer resonance, and a wider tonal color palette than previous generations of Steinways.

We recently implemented state-of-the-art machinery and conditioning rooms to more precisely meet the specifications of our soundboard design. Beginning in 2021, a new custom-five-axis piano-rim machining center will achieve an unparalleled fit between the soundboard and the rim, ensuring pristine resonance, tonal color and purity of sound.


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To call a genuine grand or upright of Steinway & Sons one’s own is an overwhelming feeling. Far more than just an exquisite instrument, it is an instrument of the highest expression and creativity. A Steinway intimately connects artist and listener, and invites its owner to join a tradition of musical perfection, making it an invaluable investment.

Make Steinway’s legacy of innovation part of your legacy.

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